Women who are struggling with big breasts usually experience horrible back, neck and shoulder pain, which is why they go under the knife and have a boob reduction surgery done. This helps them in many different aspects, not just the visual one.

There will always be many women who want to have a huge pair as they get to fit in every dress and look flawless. Well, while having big breasts can look quite appealing, having breasts that are too big can be very troublesome and painful.

Because of their structure and their weight, women with big breasts usually experience chronic back, neck and shoulder pain that does not simply go away with drugs. There are also a lot of other problems that they have to deal with.Untitled

Normal-sized breasts will not cause you any pain or discomfort

Finding the perfect bra

While women who have small or normal-sized breasts find this to be odd, women who have breasts that are too huge can’t really find the right bra for them. They are usually too small, and even if they do find the one that fits, it does not look ‘sexy’.

Psychological impact

Many people do not know, but having big breasts can have a negative impact. This is because you can really hide them that easily, and if you are skinny, your posture just looks odd. In addition, being catcalled on the street is just your everyday life.

The more you try to hide them and run away from reality, the more you lose confidence in yourself and become weak-minded. Not having clothes that fit you perfectly can cause a huge problem, especially for women.

Men can have breast reduction surgery as well

There are a lot of cases when men will have to go under the knife for the breast reduction surgery, as gynecomastia is a disease that will make your breasts enlarge and appear unnatural; which is why a lot of men go under the knife and wake up with their confidence over the roof.

Find the right doctor

One of the most important things is to find the surgeon that you trust. You should not schedule the surgery if the surgeon is not a person you trust. By having many consultations and asking random questions, you will get to meat your surgeon before the operation, which will help you feel more relaxed.

Financial perspective

If you are having the surgery just because of your appearance, they you should keep in mind that your health insurance might not cover it. However, if you are having the procedure done because of medical reasons, like back, neck and shoulder pain and your health in general, you should check with your insurance, as they might even cover the whole cost.Untitled

The surgery is important especially if you are in pain

In addition, try not to accept any kinds of discounts, since usually when a surgeon offers discounts, he will give a discounted job as well. It is always better to find a doctor who knows what he is doing, than to find the one who offers too many ‘discounts’.

Final word

As it was said, it is very important that you find the right doctor to do the procedure, otherwise you might end up worried and nervous as you receive unwanted results. If you need any suggestions, you can give Dr. Naveen Somia a call, and schedule a consultation!

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