ValueMags has many options of magazines for people with a creative side. Two magazines that you can subscribe to with ValueMags are Shutterbug magazine and Popular Photography magazine. These are two examples of the magazines that ValueMags manages subscriptions for that cater to the art interests of magazine readers.

Shutterbug magazine focuses on the technical side of photography. The articles that are published by Shutterbug magazine targets a more experienced demographic. Advanced photographers may find an interest in this magazine for all of its tips and tricks offered for better quality photos. Some of the articles also focus on the presentation of professional photography. For example, one of the articles that Shutterbug published gives readers tips and ideas of different ways they can display their photographs in a creative and unique way. This article may appeal to an audience that isn’t as knowledgeable with photography and is interested in amateur photography. Shutterbug also publishes articles that spotlight certain photographers. These articles highlight their success and their current projects.Image result for ValueMags Caters To The Interest Of Individuals Interested In Photography

Popular Photography magazine is similar to Shutterbug. Many of the articles published in Popular Photography take a closer look at the specific tools and equipment used in professional photography. However, Popular Photography also has other sections that teach photographers different techniques that may ameliorate their photography efforts. They also have articles about popular current events that may be of interest to readers. Popular Photography has a section of the magazine that showcases some of their best photographs taken in a gallery.

Overall, ValueMags has some variety when it comes to magazines about photography. ValueMags offers readers the option of choosing a more technical photography magazine or something more for beginners. ValueMags has generated a lot of interest and subscriptions for these two magazines.

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