Now, no one wants to remain fat and be an odd one out among many but unfortunately fatness comes naturally.  Some say, it is due to the consumption of food but actually there are certain scientific reasons behind the development of fat.

Fatness destroys both health and beauty and therefore it has become mandatory for all the people to get rid of fatness. There are provisions of gym and exercise but to get a proper result one must undergo a little bit of surgery which is only in the case of development of extra fat in the body. The surgery which helps in removal of extra fats is known as Liposuction.  To know what it is, about let’s take a look at what the experts at Sono Bello has to say.

Liposuction is a process which helps in removal of fat cells from the body. The method helps in shaping up the body in a proper way. This will absolutely remove the fat but a patient need to be in good health after the operation.  Well though this experiment is quite successful but still there is an involvement of various risks like infection, numbness or scanning and sometimes lumpiness and dents in the skin.


Before you opt for the treatment, you should be aware of the risks involved in a liposuction method. Every type of surgery has certain merits and demerits.  In the same way Liposuction may be a successful process in dealing with removal of fat but the risk involved in this is not quite small but heavy on people.

  • Bad bruising- This occurs especially if a particular patient takes anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin. People who have a tendency to bleed are also prone to bad bruising.
  • Inflammation- The swelling after the surgery in some cases takes up to six months to get back to normal. May be after six months the skin gets its proper shape. Some fluid comes out from the incision points.
  • Thorombophlebitis- Sometimes it often happens that a blood clot forms in the vein, causing inflammation in a particular vein. The area which has been treated with the process of liposuction gets affected with this.
  • The contour in the skin gets irregular- Sometimes the skin contours gets destroyed. After this operation the skin appears to be wavy and bumpy. The nature of the skin changes giving it a bad look. Seromas which is known as temporary pockets of fluid sometimes forms under the skin.
  • Numbness- People may sufferer from various nervous problems like numbness. This is quite common post the surgery of Liposuction.
  • Internal organ punctures- The various internal organs sometimes get punctured due to this. If the cannula goes in too deeply then certain organs may get destroyed.
  • Kidney or heart problems- These two problems are very common after Liposuction. The failure of heart and kidney can happen after undergoing this surgery. Well no one can be sure about this but a risk is involved in this.

Liposuction can create some dangerous side effects in the body but that doesn’t really make it a bad kind of a surgery. It is definitely an effective one to remove fat. To know more, consult the specialist doctors of Sono Bello.

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