In order to stay fit and healthy one needs to take care of heart, kidney and other parts of the body which also include the mouth. Keeping the teeth and gums fit and healthy can prevent certain serious problems from occurring. The problems related to teeth and gums is not only restricted to toddlers and the school going children but can also take place in middle aged people as well as the seniors.

Peter Spennato is an honorable dentist in San Pedro, California who has successfully treated hundreds of people with dental problems across the United States. He says that there are certain common dental problems that one should be aware of which include:Image result for Stay Aware of the Dental Problems That Can Prowl in The Mouth

  • A yellowish material surrounding the edges of the teeth may indicate the formation of plaque; which if treated in the early stage can prevent serious dental problems from occurring.
  • If the tooth feels rough to the tongue or it hurts to eat something cold or sweet; it may indicate cavity which if left ignored can result in tooth loss. The cavities can be treated with fillings, crowns or root canals depending on the severity of the cavity.
  • Bleeding gums should be of special concern for seniors experiencing this dental problem. This condition may be a forecaster of more critical health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It also can advance to a more serious dental condition known as periodontal disease.
  • A persistent sore in the mouth that does not heal along with pain in the mouth, a lump in the cheek, swelling of the jaw etc. can indicate oral cancer. If any of these symptoms or signs is present for days or weeks always refer to the dentist immediately as early detection can offer complete recovery.
  • A white film in the mouth may indicate oral thrush which can occur in people with weakened immune system such as HIV Aids or cancer. It can also occur in people with untreated diabetes and those who wear dentures. Consult with a dentist immediately to get it cleared.

Dr. Peter Spennato says that it is always better to refer to a dentist in case of any type of dental problems as all types of over-the-counter drugs may not give relief and some may contribute towards other health problem. One should never make hurry with the process of brushing as it can lead to a variety of problems in the later stage. Getting regular check-up of the teeth and gums is vital in order to find out any problem and get them treated at the earliest. Doing regular flossing is also suggested by dentists in order to minimize the risks of plaque. In a way, it is clear that taking some preventive tips from dentist like Peter Spennato is perhaps one of the simplest ways to drive away dental problems and take care of oral health.

Thus, one should stay aware of the dental problems that can prowl in the mouth to prevent common dental problems.

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