The Peyronie’s disease is something that can be very painful, which is why you should seek help as soon as you realize that there is something wrong. After your doctor has diagnosed you, he will try to find the peyronie’s disease cure for you.

Peyronie’s Disease

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, this is a penis problem that is caused by the plaque, the scar tissue, that forms inside your penis. Because of the scar tissue, the penis can bend certain ways during an erection. Most men who have this disease can still perform sexual activities, but for others it can be quite painful.

Peyronie’s disease is known to cause a lot of problems in the bedroom

What is the cause?

While doctors are not 100%what is the actually cause of Peyronie’s disease, there are many types of researchthat show that the plaque can start after a trauma of the, (if the penis was hit or bent). That can cause an inside bleeding of the penis, and you might not even notice the trauma.

Other cases have connected the Peyronie’s disease with genes, since in some men, genes and injuries can both be involved. You also have some medications that will have thePeyronie’s disease as the possible side effect, but there is no direct proof of that.

Who can get it?

Peyronie’s disease is something that will mostly appear in middle-aged men, but that does not mean that younger or older men will not get it. The only proven fact is that it becomes more often as you age, but it is not considered as a normal part of aging.

Pay attention to symptoms

The tricky thing is that the symptoms might appear quite slowly and they can also appear overnight. When your penis is soft, you will not be able to see the problem, but in some severe cases, the hardened plaque will lessen the flexibility of your penis, and that can cause a curvature of the penis and a lot of pain when you are erect.

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Make sure to visit your doctor as soon as you realize that there might be a problem

The pain usually eases on its own, over time, however, the curvature of the penis might actually stick, and that can be a problem. The milder cases might go away on their own, without cause any problem as well. The scar tissue can actually be developed on other parts of your body, such as your hand and foot.

The treatment

While Peyronie’s disease can be treated, you might not actually need it. Since this is a condition that usually improves on its own, doctors will usually suggest that you wait for a year or longer, before they will try and correct it.

The mild cases of Peyronie’s disease do not need treatment, and the pain that comes from it when the penis is erect is very mild. If it is not causing problems when you have sex, treatment is not usually necessary for you. However, before knowing what type of Peyronie’s disease you have, make sure to schedule a full physical with your doctor and have a proper talk.

Final word

There are many different therapies you can take to correct the function and curvature of your penis, for example the extracorporeal shock wave therapy. However, these are usually not necessary, since as it was mentioned the Peyronie’s disease tends to go away on its own.

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