Gas and bloating problems are faced by a major portion of the population. Although we don’t see any specified symptoms, few generic symptoms of gas are bad to breathe, cramps in abdomen, coated tongue, swollen stomach. A patient may feel excessive pain in his/her lower abdomen due to gas, and if instant remedies are not taken, the pain may turn severe. Few homely remedies are suggested in this article.


1.      Amla – This small fruit is also much useful in curing gas and bloating. You can go for some pieces of Amla after ameal, and it can help to digest the food easily. One can use Amla powder only or mix it with Bibhitaki and Haritaki also which makes it as Triphala. This herb has a history of treating any digestive problem. That’s why our ancestors had a huge faith in this herb. This is to be taken daily is you suffer from gas on day to day basis. Method to take it is easy . Take some warm water, approximately half a cup and add half teaspoon Triphala. Just for a better taste add 1 or ½ tablespoon honey to it. Try to keep water lukewarm and drink it daily. This benefits the most if drunk before going to bet, after approximately 1 hour of dinner.

2.      Activated Charcoal – Charcoal has pores in it, and these pores trap the gas that is causing inconvenience. But try to consume it after consulting your doctor. You may take it before eating anything and can be consumed in Capsule, powder or tablet form. The only problem with this is that it can’t be consumed on adaily basis as it can be harmful. Also expecting mothers are strictly advised not to consume activated charcoal in any form. The charcoal also need not be taken in its natural form. One needs to use high-quality charcoal for the same.

3.      Anise Seeds – Anise seeds help our digestive system to work efficiently and ease the task of breaking food particles for easy digestion. Patients can intake Anise seeds in many ways. Firstly, they can make a mixture of sugar, celery seeds, and anise seeds and have it daily, approximately, half teaspoon. Also, anise seeds can be used and added to once daily diet and food. Patients can also few one teaspoon seeds daily. Remember to chew them properly. Also, people can boil 2 tablespoons of anise seeds with 1 cup of water and then strain it after cooling. Store this water and use it whenever you make tea.

Although these are remedies to cure gas and bloating most of these can be used and inculcated in our daily routine and lifestyle because these are herbs which have proteins and properties which help in the smooth working of our digestive system. They don’t let the gas formed in our stomach affects us and help them to pass out through fart easily. You also need to avoid those things which create gas in the stomach.


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