4 Myths and The Real Facts About Gastric Bypass Surgery4 Myths and The Real Facts About Gastric Bypass SurgeryWhen you have been told by the physician that you are an ideal candidate for gastric bypass surgery for obesity, you probably have lot of questions to be answered before you actually go for the process. In the first step, you are more than likely wondering what exactly gastric bypass surgery is and what procedure is involved in it. Your physician will also tell you about how to prepare yourself for the surgery and what risks are involved in it. The more knowledge you have about the surgery, the more able and prepared you will be to come through it without any major problems. At the end, you will begin losing the excess weight that has been plaguing you for most of your life.

Gastric bypass surgery is one of most popular weight loss treatments of fast and easy weight loss. However, this surgery is suitable for a person who is morbidly obese, which means that he/she is 100 or more pounds overweight. There are cases where the individual is too overweight to have the gastric bypass surgery safely. Therefore, in order to become an ideal candidate for the surgery, the person may need to follow a restricted diet and start exercising regularly. In either case, the patient will lose extra weight without the risk of added dangers.

There are many different kinds of myths about gastric surgery that patient needs to learn about and get cleared up prior to undergoing the gastric bypass process. It is important to make sure all your concerns have been dealt with before the surgery. This helps you know exactly what you are going to face and what you need to do before and after the surgery.Image result for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Myth#1: After the gastric bypass surgery, an individual will be very thin:

Fact: Gastric surgery will help you lose extra weight, but it is only a tool. It doesn’t make a person thin but it actually helps you stick to a strict diet by making the stomach smaller. After this surgery, stomach will not be able to hold as much food as earlier.

Myth#2: Patient’s Stomach is removed during a Gastric Bypass surgery:

Fact: This is absolutely wrong concept. Actually, in a gastric bypass surgery, patient’s stomach is stapled, or a Lap band is inserted. As a result, the stomach holds less food than it usually does. Nothing is actually removed in gastric bypass surgery.

Myth#3: Surgery is the only option if I have more than 100 pounds to lose:

Fact: Weight loss does take a lot of hard work and anyone who has the willpower and ability to work hard can lose weight, even 100 pounds or more. However, since the regular diet and exercise weight loss method is very slow, people often get discouraged and discontinue the process. Therefore, gastric bypass could be the only solution for them to lose extra weight.

Myth#4: Patients will be laid up for months after the gastric bypass surgery:

Fact: In most cases, patients will only be laid up for couple of weeks following the gastric bypass surgery. After that they can go back to their normal life. However, patients need to maintain a strict diet plan following the surgery.

To ensure getting the right treatment and being aware of what youa re getting, it is important to rely on a professional and sit for a consulation. With expert consultation by your side, you can be sureof getting the results you have desired.


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